The making of a design project is a exiting process, because something new will be created. With the right design concept the first ideas change into a potential plan. Studio Merz delivers concept and design, detail planning, works out industrial drawings and goes along with the project to the final production.

Kaliber 16 Film Equipment

Bikini Berlin Framework 3D Data Management

Berlin UP Create Berlin X Qubique 2012

Smart Cinema Home Cinema for iPhone

Polygon Geweih By Order Of Flora&FaunaVisions

Marbelle Pendent Lamp

Buddy Waste collector

8 Bit Garden Extrior Design Concept

Frame 60's Style Sideboard

CRNKL! Limited Design Edition

Lolli Buffet Classy-Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Pisa Table Childrens Desk

Exhibition Development By Order of Zwölf

Monophone for Exhibitions

Largo Wardrobe

Multitouch Interactive Event Tool

Luka Bedside Table

Spar Upcycling Furniture

Puste den Lukas Interactive Event Tool

Rattlesnake CNC Data for a forming mold

Soft Block Home and Garden Allrounder

Urabn116 Onlineplaner Object Database